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Being the Captain of your life is all about your mindset.

Having the confidence and authority to reach every destination safely and expertly while being responsible for the lives of your passengers comes from a strong mind. Captains are response-able. Able to respond immediately with right action instead of reacting and hoping the action will produce a positive outcome. A captain’s mind is fully engaged in the present using all available resources to achieve situational awareness no matter the circumstances. Whether you are the captain of a jet or the captain of your life the mindset is the same. Captains are confident of a successful outcome. Captains expect turbulence and resistance along the journey and have prepared for it. Any setbacks or failures from the past are viewed as experience to be drawn on when needed. Because there are no rearview mirrors on a jet the past is not a distraction. All doubt, fear, and negative thoughts are jettisoned from a captain’s mind.

As a captain you are the authority over your thoughts and actions in every moment.

Captain’s Mind – Initial Program

Be the Captain of your life through subconscious overhaul and habit transformation. In the Captain’s Mind Initial program you will begin to make your time abundant by jettisoning limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts that have been blocking you from reaching your goals. Achieve your goals with a personalized FlightPLAN and one on one mind coaching from the Aviatrix. Includes tools for rapid habit transformation and killing mind gremlins.

  • Week 1- Discover the power of your subconscious mind & create your personal FlightPLAN
  • Week 2- Program your mind’s GPS & kill mind gremlins
  • Week 3- Get your mind on your side & tools more powerful than affirmations or mantras
  • Week 4- You are the Captain: Cleared for takeoff now and beyond
  • (10) Downloadable PDFs with Audio flies for easy learning & review
  • Personal FlightPLAN creation for goal achievement with the Aviatrix
  • Weekly Personal Action Plans sent directly to you by the Aviatrix
  • (2) 45 minute one on one calls with the Aviatrix
  • Unlimited email, support, answers, and encouragement from the Aviatrix
  • Bonus - 2 Group calls for current clients to share Breakthroughs, Insights, & Wins!
  • Bonus - O.P.S. Check Audio: Leave ruminating, worrying, and plotting behind in 2 minutes
  • Bonus - Extreme Life Turbulence Escape Maneuver Audio
  • Bonus - 12 Time Abundance Tips

Captain’s Mind – Advanced Program *Coming Soon*

The Captain’s Mind Advanced Program is the continuation of your subconscious overhaul work from the Captain’s Mind Initial Program. By continuing with advanced mind coaching from the Aviatrix you will align your mind and be the Captain of your whole life. With the power of flow state at your command you accelerate your productivity and climb above overwhelm. By mastering your mind-body connection and tapping into your mind’s superpowers you eliminate emotional blocks and overcome past trauma. Includes simple tools to cut the cords from your past pain, easily gain self-forgiveness, and stop the negative cycle of limiting emotions.

  • Week 1- Flow State: Mastering your productivity superpower.
  • Week 2- Freedom & Forgiveness of Self: Getting past your past without reliving it.
  • Week 3- Freedom & Forgiveness of Others: Cutting the cord without condoning or pardoning.
  • Week 4- The Mind-body connection: Emotions in real time and the necessity of Play.
  • (4) Downloadable PDFs with Audio flies for easy learning & review.
  • (3) Audio Exercises to unlock and release your mental superpowers.
  • (4) Weekly 45 minute one on one phone calls with the Aviatrix.
  • Unlimited email, support, answers, and encouragement from the Aviatrix
  • Bonus - 2 Group calls for current clients to share Breakthroughs, Insights, & Wins!
  • Really Brave Bonus - The Emotional Black Market: Have you been doing mental business here?

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Want extra help with you next FlightPLAN after the program? Have a tough mind gremlin you want help with killing? Want to brainstorm your next big “change the world” goal?

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