About AviatrixMind

Hello, my name is Drew Irwin.

I am the founder and the “Aviatrix” behind Aviatrix Mind.

I've been a pilot for over 20 years, working in the heavily male-dominated aviation industry. At times it's felt like flying through a sea of testosterone. However, it’s given me a unique vantage point and ability to “think like a man”. When I started flying at 16 I got used to people underestimating me because of my age, gender, and small-town upbringing. I also got used to proving them wrong with my actions and knowledge in order to fulfill my dream of exploring the world via the sky. Early in my flying career I discovered I have a gift for teaching others to overcome mental blocks and learn complex skills as a flight instructor. I was very lucky to find and focus on my purpose early in life. Through the years I've been a flight instructor, cargo pilot, airline pilot and corporate pilot flying worldwide. 

So what does being a pilot have to do with mind coaching?

Being a pilot is the third most stressful profession. Even though I threw myself into my passion when I was very young and healthy, I learned determination and hard work are only part of the path to success. Being a pilot requires being in peak physical health. After years of  pushing myself to physical and mental limits for my job, I hit major health and life turbulence. I knew if I wanted to keep flying - I had to change. 

I poured all my effort into healing my body and researching the best methods for stress relief. What I didn't know was that learning to heal my body would put me on a path to overcoming the blocks in my subconscious mind that were keeping me in unhealthy, negative habit patterns. I discovered powerful tools for the subconscious mind that didn't require buying into a belief system, talking about my past, or reliving my past over and over. I was able to let go of all the pain from my past and embrace the identity I knew was rightfully mine. I continued flying, found my dream job, and life became more enjoyable than ever.  

Having a strong mind that is on your side, like a strong body is on your side; is what gives you abundant time and mental resilience to make your purpose in business and life a huge success. In 12 years of researching the best health and mind strategies I’ve been able to work with some amazing health experts. I’ve fulfilled my dream of exploring the skies and my next big adventure is helping purpose driven health entrepreneurs achieve their highest goals. I've been helped and inspired by so many people who heal and build healthy bodies. I love how passionate they are about changing people's lives though physical transformation. Now I get to mentally transform them; so they can be the Captain of their mind and positively impact even more lives.  

"We are captains. We are not passengers. We strengthen our minds as we strengthen bodies. We are masters under pressure. Being underestimated only makes us stronger. We take the controls of life bravely and create proof of our command with actions. Purpose is what fuels our journey, not just happy thoughts. Our journey is more than a collection of tasks, checklists, and hustle. As captains we climb above overwhelm. We respect our time. We are not limited by time. We make our time abundant."

– Drew Irwin, Aviatrix 

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