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About The Aviatrix

Hello, my name is Drew Irwin. I am the founder and the “Aviatrix” behind Aviatrix Mind.

I've created Aviatrix Mind to inspire health and fitness entrepreneurs to overhaul their subconscious so that they will become the Captain of their mind & life.

Giving Lift To Businesses In Need


When you purchase anything offered by Aviatrix Mind 10% of your purchase will be loaned to entrepreneurs in developing and rural areas through the non-profit As the microloans are repaid the funds your purchase contributed will be re-loaned monthly through to other entrepreneurs in need of lift to get their businesses off the ground. Your purchase gives lift and does good in the world over and over just like the tools you learn and apply in Aviatrix Mind programs. If for any reason Aviatrix Mind can no longer give loans through all funds will be donated promptly to a charity of Aviatrix Mind's choosing.

Aviatrix Mind Aims to Lend $22,500 by 12/2019

  • Amount Loaned So Far